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Kids Delight Colorful Bag

Designed by designers to make it appealing and giving happy mood of kids when they see the bag, Filled with colors flowers and things that make kids happy.


Branded Kid Shoes

We have partnered with all the school shoe brands hence for a Schoolay school we will be provided super big option of biggest range of shoes.


Hoodie Track Pant Set

This Track pant and Hoodie set is made by Schoolay is light weight feels good for kids and winter resistant. Premium Hoodie set which will keep the smile switched on for kids.


What do people say

Long time pain of kids that has been left un addressed, it is needed that using technology we should solve the problem at a scale. Congratulations to Schoolay for this Initiative. 

Girish, CEO Instafees

Kids are one's who need a lot of design considering comfort as they don't know to express things. Yes Schoolay products from design point is a best gift a parent can give to their child

Pallavi Naidu, NIFT Fashion Designer

IT companies are so keen and are providing their employees with branded stuff, It is high time that important for schools which are building India's future brains to do it. Good move All the best Schoolay

Prashanth, B.E, MBA Student

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Contact Person:  Kiran Hiriyanna

Mobile Number: 9986858818