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Explore our Tech-enabled STEAM Clubs

TechMadeFun powered by Schoolay

21st Century Tech Clubs for 7 - 17 year olds

We are a LIVE online learning platform, where children develop the latest creative tech skills through our curated curriculum, enabling them to transform their imagination into reality.

Interested in a FREE 1 hour hands-on intro?

Digital Game Design

Learn the fundamentals of game design and programming, and use your imagination to develop games for mobile and computers.

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User Experience (UX/UI)

Learn to use design tools for creating wire-frames, prototypes and visual design for developing you mobile and web applications.

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Extended Reality (AR/VR)

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) collectively known as Extended Reality (XR), combines environments and human-machine interactions.

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Video Editing (Youtube)

This course is about how to create & edit video on Shotcut like an expert, including transitions, cross fades, adding music, multi-layer video, backgrounds and more.

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Animation Film Making

The club gives you an insight into the fundamentals of animated storytelling and how to bring your characters to life right on the screen.

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Design Thinking

Enter the world of design thinking and problem-solving to bring your ideas to life and confront them to reality using the designer’s toolbox.

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