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Design Thinking

Ages: 7 - 17

Prerequisites: None

Online Course requirements:

• Windows, Mac or Chromebook

• Stable Internet Connection

5 - Week Club

  1. 1. 1 session per week for 5 weeks

  2. 2. 2 hours / session

  3. 3. 10 hours of LIVE tutoring from experts

  4. 4. Rs. 5000 / 10 sessions

  5. 5. Only Rs. 500 per session

Club Overview

This club is an opportunity for kids aged 7 to 17 years old to learn about creative problem-solving and all the steps and tools it includes. Our expert will lead them through a short project to teach them about design methodologies in a practical way. This course is about finding a problem, coming up with solutions and testing their efficiency.

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving. It’s a creative process that engages a person in opportunities to empathize and understand user needs, identify/re-define problems, brainstorm ideas and finally test these ideas using prototypes to learn and iterate towards the best solution. It is a methodology to solve problems in innovative and creative ways that can be applied anywhere. Importantly, design thinking is as much about ‘problem finding’ then it is about ‘problem-solving’. Asking the right question is already half of the solution.

The course will start with an introduction to design thinking after which the children will be conducting a small-scaled project following the process proposed by Stanford d.school. They will be tackling the challenge of their choice: water crisis, plastic pollution, food waste and more. They will take on research, find a specific issue to work on, empathise with their users and brainstorm and ideate with no boundaries. They will finally confront their ideas to today’s reality and to their users to evaluate its desirability, feasibility and viability.

The introduction to Design Thinking will help your child understand some of the design processes, their different phases and how it can be useful to them. We will also discuss the need for collaboration and interdisciplinarity in a design project. Peer-to-peer review is key in this course. Kids will be encouraged to share their opinion and give feedback. Design thinking offers kids golden opportunities for engagement and creativity. All ideas are welcomed and nothing is immediately shot down as impossible or impractical.

Throughout the course, your child will gain knowledge about human-centered design and will be able to carry on small projects following design processes. They will learn how to turn issues into design opportunities. They will also be encouraged to think outside of the box and make decisions based on both the available amount of information and their instinct.


Intro to Design Thinking

Design processes

Human Centered Design


Critical thinking

Quick prototyping

All our clubs include

Max 4 Students / batch

LIVE sessions - 8 to 24 hours

Official TMF Certificate

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