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Digital Game Design

Imagine instead of playing games developed by others, your kids could use their imaginations to develop and publish their own games through the process of storytelling, animation, coding and programming.

This club enables the kids of age 7 to 17, to make their own games and enjoy playing them with their friends and family on mobile phones and/or computers. They learn how to design, code, and publish their games through the design process and logical thinking.

Games are a fundamental way that humans interact and learn. At TechMadeFun, we will take the kids through logical programming, events, and actions based on certain conditions, designing graphic elements, multi-level games development. Along with understanding the basic fundamentals of coding in real-life scenarios.

We use cloud-based software called Construct 3 to develop different games - it is free software that can be used even after you finish the club, to continue developing different games.

Skills Learned during this club

Intro to 2D game design Object-based programming Behavioral logic
Character and graphic design Storytelling and animation New software - Construct 3 Multi-level game development Publishing and sharing games

Beginner: Weekend and Weekday batches available Duration 10 hours

Continuous Learning: 3-6 months (Duration Varies)

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