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User Experience (UX/UI)

Imagine instead of watching documentaries on Netflix, your kids could actually shoot, edit and produce their own short films/videos and share their unique ideas and stories! This course will also help them understand the process that goes behind making of a film.

This club enables the kids of age 10 to 17, to make their own short films and enjoy watching them with their friends and family on mobile phones and/or computers. They learn how to plan, write, shoot, and edit their short videos/documentaries through design process and logical thinking.

The course gives them a basic idea on how to convert an idea into a video and share it with the world!

Skills Learned during this club

Intro to Film making & editing Character and graphic design Storytelling and animation Publishing and sharing movies

Beginner: Weekend and Weekday batches available Duration 10 hours

Continuous Learning: 3-6 months (Duration Varies)