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Post Processing Workshop

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Post Processing Workshop
Cost : 3000/- ( no discounts)
Workshop Overview:

During this period of lockdown, TechMadeFun presents the perfect opportunity for budding young photography enthusiasts to master the art of digital post-processing without leaving the safety of your home.

With the advent of digital photography, a requirement for post processing was also born. What can be done with a camera on location amounts to about half of the process of creating a great image. The other half of creating a great image is done in a digital darkroom (on a computer).

The team of instructors are exceptional with children and will ensure a fun, educational, interactive and creative time.

Over the last few years we have trained many talented photographers on our workshops and camps, however they lacked knowledge of how to post process their images to create truly remarkable photographs. Hence, we came up with our unique

Post-Processing Workshop using Adobe Lightroom OR Adobe Photoshop: The aim of the course is to introduce the importance of post processing your pictures to reveal the true beauty behind your images.
Advanced Post-processing Workshop, where we teach you some really advanced concepts.
Photography Mentorship Programme where you may choose between 3 months, 6 months or 12 months and we will guide you through your photography journey helping you master the basics and advanced concepts during the course of the mentorship.

Enrol your child today for a hands-on learning experience about the wonderful art and magic of post processing.

With an array of lessons ranging from image management, global edit post-processing and local edit post processing, you are sure to gain an understanding and mastery of post processing. The specifics of the workshop include:

Comprehensive understanding of the art and science of post-processing
Learn to use and master Adobe Lightroom OR Adobe Photoshop.
Bring out the “oomph” in your images
Lots of practical learning
Expert guidance from The TMF Team


This Post-Processing Workshop is spread over 5 days, of 1.5 hours each day.

DAY 1:

Introduction to digital post-processing
Need for processing of images
Choosing the right software – Advantages & Disadvantages
Monitor calibration and ways to calibrate
Working with RAW files

We begin the online workshop, with the instructor presenting an introduction to digital post-processing to help you understand the basics such as to why you need to process and image, introduce the various softwares available for processing, teach you about monitor calibration and its importance. We will also talk about the importance of RAW files and why it’s important for post-processing.

DAY 2:

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop
Image Management – Creation of catalogs, key-wording, rating and making collections

Today, we learn about Adobe Lightroom OR Adobe Photoshop. We first explain the interface and the various modules available, before we start to teach ‘Image Management’, where you will learn the best way to create catalogs, import your images, apply important keywords, make collections and rate and star your favourite images.

DAY 3:

Importance of a processing workflow
Basic and global post-processing adjustments

We begin the workshop by talking about the importance of following a workflow, to bring out the best of the image, without impacting the quality. We then teach you the perfect way to start your editing journey in the ‘Develop’ module with some basic and global post-processing adjustments.

DAY 4:

Advanced and local adjustments
Finishing the post-processing workflow and saving for web or print

We will first you up to speed by summarising the previous day’s sessions before we begin to teach all there is to know about some really cool advanced and local adjustments to really bring out the ‘oomph’ of your image. We end the session by teaching you to perfectly finish the workflow and export the file perfectly for web or print.

You will also be given a small assignment before ending the session.

DAY 5:

Assignments and Image Review
Tips & Tricks

We review your assignment and help correct your mistakes. We will clear everyone’s doubts with a question-and-answer session and a final rendezvous before bidding adieu.


You may choose your favourite topic from our list below:

Replacing backgrounds & shapes
Adding or removing objects
Replacing colour
Stitching panoramas
High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing

The duration for each of the above topics is 2 hours.

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measurement instructions
flat laid garment
sizes chart
Tee Shirt

1. Choose a T-shirt that fits you well, lay it flat on the table.

2. Refer to the image shown, as you measure the following dimensions.



26/5-6 Years 28 35 51
26/7-8 Years 30.5 36.5 55
30/9-10 Years 33.5 40 58
32/11-12 Years 35 42 62
34/13-14 Years 36.5 44 65.5
36/15-16 Years 38 46 69
38/S 40 47 70
40/M 42 49.5 72
42/M 44 52 74
44/XL 46 54.5 76

1. Choose a Jacket that fits you well, lay it flat on the table.

2. Refer to the image shown, as you measure the following dimensions.



26/5-6 Years 28 35 51
28/7-8 Years 30.5 36.5 55
30/9-10 Years 33.5 40 58
32/11-12 Years 35 42 62
34/13-14 Years 36.5 44 65.5
36/15-16 Years 38 46 69
38/S 40 47 70
40/M 42 49.5 72
42/L 44 52 74
44/XL 46 54.5 76

1. Choose a Track pant that fits you well, lay it flat on the table.

2. Refer to the image shown, as you measure the following dimensions.



size A-HIPS(cms) B-LENGTH
3-4 Years 36 60
4-5 Years 37 64
5-6 Years 38 68
7-8 Years 40 72
9-10 Years 42 76
11-12 Years 44 80
13-14 Years 46.6 88
15-16 Years 48 94
S 50 106
M 52 106
L 54.5 106
XL 57 106
Blue light
Select SMALL SIZE frame because it suits 98% of children’s faces.
Kids less than 10 years must go for Kid Size Frames.
Between 10-14 years Kids should go for SMALL SIZE Frames. MEDIUM SIZE is for adults.


S- Kinds Free Size 3-7 Years 21-22.5
L- Adults Free
8+ Years 23-25